We only groom a limited number of dogs per day, ensuring that each pet receives top quality and personalized services, leaving your precious ones feeling happy and stress free.


Full Grooming Service

      Clipping & Hand Scissoring


      Clip & Buff Nails

      Ear Cleaning & Ear Hair Plugging 

      Sanitary Shave & Removal Of Hair BetweenPaws

​      Triple Shampoo & Conditioner

​      Hands-on Hair Dry (No Cages) ​


​      Blue Berry Facial & Cute Puppy face Cut!

Premium Bath & De-shedding Service

       Brushing & Combing 

       De-matting & De-shedding, Removal of Extra Undercoat & Hair to Reduce the Amount of Shedding!!

        Triple De-shedding Shampoo & Conditioner 


​        Nail Cut & File &Ear cleaner 

        Sanitary area & Paws Hair Shave Down

​        Blue Berry Facial & Paws Moisturizer


      For Your Furry Friends;

       Hair Clean-Up Around The Eyes, Mouth & Paws

Adorable Japanese teddy bear style 🐻Toy

Asian fusion  / Japanese Style of Grooming 

This service is catered to dogs that are groomed on a regular grooming schedule, preferably every 4-6 weeks. This style is generally suited for smaller (toy) dog breeds.​​

Add-On Service



      Flea & Tick Treatment Dog 

​      Extreme Matting 

      Medicated Shampoo 

      Nail Cut & Filing

      Teeth Brushing, cleaning & Breath care 

      Anal Gland Expression

        These options, however, are only available with the purchase of full grooming or bathing services.